8 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking A Koh Tao Resort


Koh Tao Resorts have great things to offer, ask the right questions.

Whether you’re running right out to book a resort, or just curious, check off the questions on my list before you book. I’ve come up with things you should ask yourself, fellow travelers, and even the resort to make sure you get the most budget bang for that (often) budget buck!

1. What choices of food do they offer?

Thai food is great and there is a large variety of dishes to choose from, but after the third day seeing Thai food served again … after you probably had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the previous day, you will get bored quickly!

Some resorts employee highly qualified Chefs skilled in a number of cooking disciplines be sure to check out their menu first.

2. Are there set dining hours?

Larger resorts with incorporated à la carte dining plans have several on-site restaurants to choose from. I would say in some cases it might be a good idea to make a reservation in advance. Don’t starve you and your family waiting for a table.

3. Are drinks included?

I have been lucky in my life, but discovering that some resorts offer free drinks at set happy hour times. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Don’t miss out, take full advantage!

4. Does a bit of pampering factor in?

Thai are well known for massages. There is no doubt the resort you will have an on-site spa offering Thai massages. But what if just maybe they can squeeze in a freebie for you?

5. Is there something for everyone?

Some parents just want to lounge on the beach and read a book, others want to be adventurous and take a scuba diving course. We love our kids, but sometimes we want to do things alone (or sometimes they can’t really tag along). Ask if your resort has kid’s packages.

6. Do the activities sound fun?

By now we know the surrounding beaches are great. We know great snorkeling spots and how can we forget about scuba diving. Does your resort offer more activities than just the outdoor adventures Koh Tao has to offer?

7. Are You the Resort’s “Target” Demographic?

Ahh, college. Remember, Koh Tao resorts can draw certain crowds at certain times of year. Not only are some resorts little kid-dominated, others are packed with college-aged partiers — either way check to make sure you won’t feel totally outnumbered or out of place.

8. Is It the Best Option For You?

Remember, if you’re not going to be hanging out at the resort, eating the food or playing along with the activities, compare with equally-rated non inclusive resorts to see if you’d be better served paying the same (or even a little more) for only what you want!

Koh Tao also has a number of private Villas maybe you would like a beautiful island house all to yourself?


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