Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a popular diving destination most of all for the large number of PADI and SSI dive schools found on this slice of paradise.  As a result you will have no shortage in choosing the one that suites you.

You are not into diving? That’s okay because, Koh Tao has many wonderful activities that suite; backpackers and family holidays a like! Perhaps best described as a combination of the busy Koh Samui yet laid back style of  Koh Phangan. You will find quite beaches to read in addition to social beaches with beach bars.

Just so much fun!

Where do I start? Koh Tao is the perfect size for you to beach hop. In one day (only if you wanted that is) you can easily read your book at Freedom beach, have breakfast at Mae Haad bay, sip a Pina Colada at Sairee beach, jump over to Aow Leuk bay for a snorkel, boat across to Koh Nang Yuan for lunch, snorkel! dive! lounge! sunbath! volleyball! Aaaaaah!

Join me as we explore this beautiful island together

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